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Micro Motion RFT9739 D4SUA Transmitter

Micro Motion RFT9739 D4SUA Transmitter

Product Details Introduction

Micro Motion CMF100 M328NU is a sensor product, and the following are some of its features:

High precision measurement: The CMF100 M328NU sensor adopts Micro Motion's unique mass flow measurement technology, which can achieve high-precision flow measurement. It is based on the principle of mass and determines the flow rate by measuring the changes in fluid mass, providing accurate and reliable measurement results.

Wide measurement range: This sensor has a wide measurement range and can be applied to different flow ranges. The CMF100 M328NU sensor can provide reliable measurement performance under both low and high flow conditions.

Quick response time: The CMF100 M328NU sensor has a fast response time and can monitor and measure the flow rate changes of the fluid in real-time. It is suitable for application scenarios that require quick response and can accurately capture traffic fluctuations and changes.

Durable and reliable: The sensor is designed to be durable and reliable, capable of long-term stable operation in harsh industrial environments. It has good anti vibration, anti-interference, and anti-corrosion performance, and is suitable for various complex industrial application environments.

Multiple output options: The CMF100 M328NU sensor supports multiple output options to meet the needs of different applications. It can output analog signals (such as 4-20mA, 0-10V) and digital signals (such as RS485, Modbus, etc.), facilitating integration with existing control systems.

Easy to install and maintain: The sensor design is simple and easy to install and maintain. It usually has a compact structure and standard interfaces, making it easy to connect with pipeline systems or other equipment. At the same time, it also supports automatic calibration and fault diagnosis functions, simplifying the process of maintenance and upkeep.

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