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Product Details Introduction

MICROMOTION RFT9739E1SU is a flow meter from Micro Motion. The following is a general product introduction for this product:

Measurement principle: The MICROMOTION RFT9739E1SU flowmeter is based on the principle of mass flow measurement and adopts Coriolis bending vibration tube technology. Accurately measure the mass flow rate of the fluid by measuring the inertial changes caused by the fluid passing through a curved vibrating tube.

High precision measurement: This flowmeter has excellent accuracy and stability, and can provide accurate mass flow measurement results. It is suitable for various fluid media, including liquids and gases.

Multi parameter measurement: The MICROMOTION RFT9739E1SU flowmeter can not only measure mass flow, but also simultaneously measure parameters such as density, temperature, and concentration. This multi-parameter measurement helps achieve more comprehensive fluid analysis and monitoring.

Advanced features and flexibility: This flowmeter has a wide range of features and flexible configuration options to meet different application needs. It supports multiple communication interfaces and protocols, such as Modbus, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus, etc., facilitating integration with other devices and control systems.

Reliability and Durability: The MICROMOTION RFT9739E1SU flow meter adopts a sturdy and durable design and materials to adapt to various harsh industrial environments. It has good resistance to vibration and corrosion, and can maintain stability and reliability under long-term operation and various application conditions.

Easy installation and maintenance: This flowmeter has simple installation and maintenance features, which can reduce installation time and maintenance costs. It supports remote diagnosis and equipment management, making it easy to monitor and maintain process systems.

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