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My name is Yvonne.I thought I was a girl from Jiangxi Province, China. I am currently working at Ruichang Mingsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. I have been working here for 10 years, specializing in selling various DCS system modules and circuit boards, PLC module, servo drive system spare parts, what products do you need? You can contact me to provide a quotation. You can contact me by phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 15270269218, or you can send me an email: xiamen2018@foxmail.com . We provide you with high-quality products at discounted prices and ship them to you in a timely manner, allowing you to purchase with confidence!


Ruichang Mingsheng automation equipment Co., Ltd. products include distributed control system (DCS), programmable controller (PLC), Motorola mvme industrial module, industrial control communication converter (anybus), remote output / input module (RTU), industrial computer (IPC), industrial low-frequency screen (IPC), Human machine interface SCSI (50,68,80pin) anybus (Gateway) has become a global sales enterprise of industrial automation spare parts and components! Welcome to contact us by email.
We provide redundant components for users of installed control systems, drives, and servo motors. We have knowledgeable employees, extensive testing systems, and complete functionality. All of our components come with industry-leading 1-year warranty, specializing in control systems (DCS) PLC, CNC panel controller HMI and display panel driver servo motor encoder and parser power supply. We have a large amount of internal inventory and act as distributors of numerous suppliers to provide you with the best solutions. No matter where our customers are, no matter how rare the parts they need, we can provide them with the products they need. After a long period of accumulation, our partners are now spread across all continents around the world. We look forward to your joining us!