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  • IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module
  • IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module
  • IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module
IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module

IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module

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IS420ESWBH3A Gas turbine electrical module

Installation conditions The control electronics VT-VPCD is designed for installation in a 19“ rack or an open card holder. Suitable card holders are listed in the following Chapter 7.4 “Recommended accessories“. ▶ Provide an operating voltage of 24 VDC. ▶ Adhere to the ambient temperature range permitted according to the data sheet. 7.4 Recommended accessories For connecting the control electronics VT-VPCD we recommend the use of the following accessories, which are not included in the scope of supply, but which you can order separately from Bosch Rexroth: Table 11: Accessories Component Material number Data sheet VT 12302-3X/1, closed card holder, 64-pin edge connector VT 12302-3x/2-64G Dual CARD HOLD

Installing the VT-VPCD 

Please observe the following notes when installing the VT-VPCD control electronics: • For the installation, observe the notes given in the data sheet on applied standards and operating conditions. • Use low-capacitance cables. • Install cable connections without intermediate terminals whenever possible. • Install sensor cables separately. • The presence of electromagnetic sources of interference (e.g. frequency converter) in the direct vicinity of the control electronics is not permitted. • The distance to aerial lines, radio sources and radar equipment must be at least 1 m. • Do not install solenoid and signal cables near power cables. • Use shielded cables (EMC-compliant) as valve cables. • Execute the installation so that when the differential inputs are used both inputs are activated or deactivated simultaneously. • Use relays with gold-plated contacts for switching command values (small voltages, small currents).

Do not use adhesives

sealants or insulating agents that contain silicone. • The system ground is an essential integral part of EMC protection of the control electronics. Here, interference, which is transported to the control electronics via data and voltage supply cables, is dissipated. This function can only be ensured, if the system ground itself does not inject interference into the control electronics. Bosch Rexroth recommends that also solenoid cables be shielded. • Ensure maintenance-friendly installation, i.e. ease of access to the connection cables. The connection side must be freely accessible. The cable ends should be sufficiently long in order that the control electronics can also be removed in the wired condition. • Before installing the control electronics note down the details on the nameplate. If nameplates are no longer visible or legible after the installation you have this data at hand at any time.

When installing the control electronics VT-VPCD, proceed as follows:1. Disconnect the relevant rack from the power supply. 2. Only remove the card from its package at a protected workplace. 3. Open the packaging of the control electronics and hold the card by the front panel and remove it from the packaging. 4. Slide the control electronics into the guide rails of the rack without using excessive force as shown on the Figure below. 5. Snap the controller card in place by gently pressing on the front panel.

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