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  • RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card
  • RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card
RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card

RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card

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RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card

Product Details Introduction

RadiSys 061-04790-0012 Control Pulse Card is a type of card specifically designed for controlling pulse signals, typically used in industrial automation and real-time control systems. The following are possible product features and usage descriptions:

Pulse control function:

Provide multiple channels for generating and controlling pulse signals, such as for triggering events, synchronous operations, or time measurement.

Interface type:

It may include digital input and output interfaces (DI/DO), as well as interfaces specifically designed for pulse control, such as pulse generators and counters.

Timing accuracy:

Provide precise timing function, capable of generating precise pulse signals or conducting precise time measurements.

Modular design:

Designed as a modular structure for easy integration into various automation systems. This design helps simplify the installation, maintenance, and upgrade process.

Industrial grade standard:

Designed to meet industrial environmental standards, with durability, stability, and reliability, suitable for applications in industrial automation control systems that require precise time control and event triggering.

Software support:

Corresponding control software or drivers may be provided for configuring, managing, and monitoring the functionality and performance of pulse cards.

Application scenario:

Mainly used in applications that require precise time control, event synchronization, or measurement, such as laboratory measurements, machine automation, testing equipment, etc.

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