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Product Details Introduction

EMERSON F100S131CQFNEZZZZ is a flow meter from Emerson Corporation. The following is a general description of the product's characteristics:

Mass flow measurement: The EMERSON F100S131CQFNEZZZ flowmeter adopts the principle of mass flow measurement to provide accurate flow data by measuring the mass flow rate of the fluid. This measurement method can eliminate the impact of density and temperature changes on flow measurement, providing more accurate and reliable results.

High precision and stability: This flowmeter has high precision and stability, and can provide accurate flow measurement results. It adopts advanced measurement technology and precision sensors to ensure the reliability and stability of measurement.

Wide range measurement: The EMERSON F100S131CQFNEZZZ flowmeter has a wide range of measurement capabilities and is suitable for various fluid media, including liquids and gases. It can measure small and large traffic, adapting to the needs of different application scenarios.

Multiple output options: This flowmeter provides multiple output options, such as analog output, digital output, and communication interface, for integration with other devices and control systems. This can achieve functions such as data transmission, remote monitoring, and automatic control.

Flexible configuration options: The EMERSON F100S131CQFNEZZZZ flowmeter has flexible configuration options that can be customized according to application requirements. You can choose the measurement range, output signal type, and installation options that are suitable for your specific application.

Reliability and Durability: The flowmeter adopts a sturdy and durable design and materials, suitable for various industrial environments. It has good resistance to vibration and corrosion, and can maintain stability and reliability under long-term operation and harsh working conditions.

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