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  • 3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card
  • 3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card
  • 3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card
3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card 3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card 3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card

3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card

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3ASC25H209 DATX110 Analog input card

1 Mounting the unit on a DIN rail 2 Mounting the unit with screws 3 6.3 mm Faston earthing terminal 4 24 V DC supply voltage 5 Configurable serial interface COM3 6 Configurable serial interface COM4 7 Networking interface for the ABB Procontic CS31 central unit 8 Switch for RUN/STOP operation RUN STOP The RUN/STOP switch controls the processing of the user application. STOP –> RUN If the switch is switched from STOP to RUN, the user application is loaded into the main memory and processing of the application program is started. The status of the application program is indicated by the LED RUN: The LED RUN lights up while the program is being processed. If an error occurred during loading (e.g. program not present), the LED RUN remains OFF. RUN –> STOP If the switch is switched from RUN to STOP, the program processing is aborted. The LED RUN goes out.

Application example for connecting the inputs and outputs 

The following illustration shows an application example with the 07 KT 93 which utilizes various possibilities for connecting inputs and outputs. Attention must be paid to the following in detail:  The earthing measures  Connection of the 07 KP 92 communication module  Looping through the supply voltage (24 V DC) from the 07 KT 93 to the 07 KP 92  Earthing the switch cabinet mains socket  Handling serial interfaces Connecting the 24 V DC supply voltage The supply voltage is fed in via a 5–pole detachable terminal block. Important: Plug and unplug terminal block only with power is off!

The following illustration shows which circuit parts of the unit are electrically isolated from each other and which internal connections exist. Here, both the clearances and creepage distances and also the test voltages used correspond to DIN/VDE 0160. The unit is connected via the 6.3 mm Faston terminal (bottom left) to the functional earth (switch cabinet earth) via a wire with a cross section of 6 mm2 (also see Figure 6).

Serial interfaces

 Use External units can be connected to the ABB Procontic CS31 system via the serial interfaces. The interfaces are independent of each other. They can be managed via freely definable protocols. Scope of functions The two serial interfaces can be configured independently of each other in the following scope of functions:  Data format 7 or 8 bit  Even, odd or no parity  Discrete baud rates from 300 Bd to 19200 Bd  Automatic processing of the SW handshake (XON/XOFF)  Automatic processing of the HW handshake (RTS/CTS)  Error detection (Parity, framing, overrun, break)

Both interfaces can be run independently of each other in one of the interface standards each. Selection is by choosing the corresponding interface signals. Mode – Programming and test mode – Application mode In each case, one of the two interfaces can be used as a programming and test interface. This involves the mode being set at pin 6 of the interface connector by the signal status. Electrical isolation Both interfaces are electrically isolated. Connection Connection is via a 15–pole D–SUB connector (socket) in each case.

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