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  • CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module
  • CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module
  • CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module
CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module

CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module

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CB801 3BSE042245R1 Terminal module

Communication between the central units and the remote units requires no user intervention as it is carried out by a dedicated serial interface. The dual port RAM of the central unit enables data transfer between the user program processor and the dedicated serial interface.

In the read cycle, data is taken from the remote unit and stored within the dual port RAM via the bus and dedicated serial interface, the user program processor then reads the data from the dual port RAM. Similarly, data is transfered from the dual port RAM to the remote units via the dedicated serial interface and bus for the write cycle

Addressing of the remote units

 All system bus request telegrams have an address. The remote unit which has the same address as the telegram receives and responds to the data. The address of the remote unit is set using the DIL switches of the plug-in base. The inputs and outputs have the following address structure: yy, xx yy represents the remote unit number, xx represents the channel number. Example Address setting of DIL-switches : 03 Number of channels on remote unit : 08 The I/O channels are simply addressed from 03, 00 to 03, 07 within the user program of the central unit, as though they were centralized


 Some installation rules have to be respected. These rules concern the ground concept, the connection of the CS 31 bus and the different power supplies installations. The following main principles must be applied : Each type of signal has to be mounted separatly – power supply 230 VAC – analogue and low voltage signals The ground and power supply wires must be connected in star ● Refer to the description of each remote unit for connection of inputs and outputs. ● Installation of the bus The CS 31 bus is a RS 485 serial line and a schield twisted pair. The CS 31 bus is a master slave bus. Only one master can be present on the bus. The maximum length between the both extremities is 500 metres. The master should be : – a central unit : 07 KR 31, 07 KT 31, 07 KR 91, 07 KT 92, 07 KT 93, PCZB, UCZA/UCZB – a PLC coupler : 07 CS 61 and 07 CS 91 for the ABB Procontic T 200 and T 300 – a PC board : 07 CM 90

Characteristics of the bus' cable The CS 31 bus is a shield twisted pair RS 485 – cross 0.22 ... 0.8 mm2 – twists > 10 per metre – resistance 100/km – impedance – characteristics 100 to 150 – capacitance < 150 nF/km – schield – termination 120 , 1/4 Watt resistor connected at the ends of the bus Example of supplier : – ALCATEL MCX-T – DRAKKA dracoda 2903 The twisted pair has to be symetric

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